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The process of selling a home often raises more questions than answers. That’s why we have built an ever-growing list of the most frequently asked questions we hear from home sellers with the answers that will help you get your home sold faster and for more money!

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Selling

There are so many agents out there who sell homes – why are you any different?

True, you have many options available when choosing an agent to list your home. We know that nobody can be an expert in EVERYTHING, so we have assembled an entire team of experts for every part of the real estate process.

By working with us, you are not only working with Denver’s top-producing agent, you are also working with a full-time digital marketing director to capture the nearly 90% of buyers who start their search online, a full-time print marketing director to capture the attention of homebuyers offline, and a team of transaction coordinators to make sure your contracts are air tight and help avoid costly errors.

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How much is my home worth?

The value of your home is highly dependent on multiple factors such as condition, age, location and so forth. If you would like to get an idea before you start working with a realtor, look at homes that have sold in the area that are of similar age and size. While this is not going to give you a concrete number, it can get you a general idea to start.

If you would like a Complimentary Home Value Report, call us at 303.847.1868 or schedule your free listing consultation online.

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How long will the process of selling my home take?

There is no real concrete answer to this question, as it really has to do with you and your realtor! As of December, 2017, the average time a property is listed before selling is 83 days. However, over 90% of Team Vivi’s listings go under contract within the first 4 days of listing!

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Is it important to stage the property?

Absolutely! On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more money than without! The staging allows buyers to envision themselves in the home, making them more comfortable.

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Should I be present when there is a showing?

No! There are a few reasons to not be in your home while it is being shown to potential buyers, but the main one is that it can make those looking at the home uncomfortable about asking questions or speaking freely with their agent.

Many potential buyers will shy away from comments and questions that may offend or upset you, which is not a great first impression!

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What should I do to prepare my home for sale?

There are many things you can and should do to prepare your home for sale. In fact, not preparing your home properly could put you at a disadvantage!

  • Make sure there is as much light coming in as possible so it feels bright and inviting.
  • Use neutral colors and repaint any rooms in need. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way!
  • Clean up your messes! Nobody wants to see a cluttered home, and you should try to make it feel as open and clean as possible.
  • Make sure any odors get taken care of. Clean carpets and change air filters to ensure the house smells fresh and clean!
  • Ask your realtor! Having your realtor give you their opinion on what could be done to freshen up the home can be a huge factor!
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Should I price my home higher to leave room for negotiation?

This is a common pricing mistake that many sellers make.

Remember: A well priced home will sell quicker and generally for more money than those priced too high! Today’s buyers are becoming more and more informed and educated, meaning they will appreciate a fairly priced home. Don’t scare buyers away by asking for too much!

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Should I be transparent about issues with the home?

Yes! It’s a terrible feeling to get the “raw” end of the deal, finding out something is wrong with the home you fell in love with and planned to purchase. Letting buyers know upfront about any issues is key, as it will allow trust to be built.

Anything you don’t divulge will eventually show up when you have a home inspection done prior to the sale anyways, so be up front!

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