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Athmar Park

Athmar Park is a funky little neighborhood in central southwest Denver. The area is full of history, great stories, and people. As we speak, the neighborhood is going through a bit of a renaissance. Houses are being remodeled, people are moving in at a rapid pace, schools are improving, and new businesses, restaurants, and breweries are opening their doors.

The area was originally purchased and developed in 1946 by were developed was purchased in 1946 by Thomas and John R. McCusker. Urban legend ascribes the name “Athmar Park” to the combination of the first names of the wives of these two original developers; Athea and Mary.

Athmar Park Real Estate showcases beautiful Tudor homes and 1950s ranch homes set in the landscape of lakes and four community parks for Athmar residents to enjoy—Huston Lake Park, Aspgren Park, Vanderbilt Lake Park, and the Johnson Habitat Park.

It has many riches to offer: some of the best food in town including dim sum, Vietnamese, and traditional Mexican; four amazing parks including Huston Lake Park; Aspgren Park, Vanderbilt Lake Park and the Johnson Habitat Park; cute Tudor bungalows dating back to 1927; and much more.

This great neighborhood is only minutes away from downtown, easily accessible via the Alameda or Broadway light-rail stations, and within 15 minutes driving distance to Cherry Creek, Wash Park, S Pearl Street, Bel Mar, and much much more!

Athmar Park Attractions

Chain Reaction Brewing Co

With every action there is a reaction. For Chain Reaction Brewing CO, a strong foundation of dedication to trades such as mechanics, ironwork and carpentry was laid early in life.

With the love of these trades the need to create was always a must and that is what brings them to this point of wanting to share their incredible beers with the public.

Chain Reaction Brewing CO never focuses on pleasing just one style since they love just about all of them and while not every beer they brew will be the perfect student in its category it will be one that will get the craft beer loving palate craving more with each sip.

Chain Reaction Brewing Co | Athmar Park

Phone: 303.922.0960

Address: 902 S Lipan St, Denver, CO 80223

Visit The Chain Reaction Brewing Company website

Huston Lake Park

Huston Lake Park is located in the center of the Athmar Park neighborhood between the streets of South Clay and South Vallejo, and the avenues of West Ohio and West Kentucky. Featuring a variety of amenities including a bike and walking path, soccer and softball fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a children’s play area, Huston Lake park provides many recreational resources for the local community.

Named after one of the original land owners in the area, N.K. Huston, the park was originally the site of a patch of swampland called “Frenchie’s Lake” which was used by early residents as a location to ice-skate in the winter and swim in the summer.

Huston Lake Park

Phone: 720.913.0738

Address: 850 S Bryant St, Denver, CO 80219

Visit the Huston Lake Park website

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