Meet Our Team

Dillon Landfried
Marketing Assistant/ Operations Assistant

Dillon Landfried grew up in Reno, Nevada. He decided in the fall of 2014 that he was in need of a change of pace and decided to move to Denver. After working as the assistant manager and marketing coordinator for a small business in Downtown Denver, he quickly discovered his love and passion for marketing and obtained his marketing degree in December of 2018. Real Estate has always interested Dillon, and he accepted the marketing assistant position at Team Vivi in the Spring of 2019.  Dillon thrives in a fast-paced environment and loves learning real estate from the ground up, working as the operations and marketing assistant for Team Vivi. You can find him getting listings ready to hit the market, helping Caroline with digital and print marketing, or aiding Lindsey with scheduling, day-to-day tasks, and communicating directly with our clients.