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The Team Vivi Real Estate Mortgage Calculator

How To Use The Team Vivi Mortgage Calculator

The Team Vivi Mortage Calculator can help you to determine how much you can afford to spend on your next home purchase. Enter your information and press calculate and you will receive an instant result showing you what the cost of your mortgage payments would be.

We also have a helpful mortgage guide to help you understand the home mortgage process from start to finish.

Total Amount: Enter the total purchase price in the range of homes that you are considering making offers on.

Down Payment: Enter the amount that you have saved specifically for the purposes of making a down payment on your home purchase.

Interest Rate: Enter the interest rate of the loan that you plan to receive for your home purchase. Not sure what interest rate to enter? Contact one of our preferred lenders to get an interest rate estimate, or visit’s Current Mortgage Rates page for more information.

Amortization Period: Enter a number that represents the length of your loan in years. You can run multiple calculations to see the difference in monthly cost between loans of varying lengths. 30 year and 15 year loans are the most common choices.

Payment Period: Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly. This will show you the cost of your mortgage according to the selected time period for each payment. Want to determine the weekly cost of your mortgage? Select Weekly and click calculate for an instant result.

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